We will move responsibility of healthcare from the province down to each individual. After graduating high school and reaching the age of adulthood, each citizen of Ontario is responsible for their own healthcare. This novel yet unstudied health care policy will provide timely access to the right person at the right time  and most importantly eliminate all health care providers, all hospitals, all keeping of medical records from the provincial purview.

Our motto: You, our special citizen (voter), will have unfettered access to every healthcare need, every procedure, and every medication you would like.

The patient is the best person to determine what their healthcare needs are.

Imagine the beauty of choosing your own testing, your own diagnosis, your own treatment, your own operation, and your own rehabilitation. No putting up with making appointments. No more putting up with medical jargon that you don’t understand. No more waiting in a waiting room. Your provincial taxes that will only modestly be increased will provide all of the following benefits listed below without charge.

You will be given full access to Google BYOFP (Be Your Own Family Physician) to determine what ails you. And the best news is that there is no charge for this service. No charge for doctor’s notes. No charges for parking at hospitals.

You will receive free access to the Google BYOPH (Be Your Own Pharmacist) and order what you require including dosing, quantity, and length of prescription. It will be delivered free. Why should you not try medications if you think they may help you?

You will have access to Google BYOPA (Be Your Own Paramedic) when you are involved in trauma and trained to start your own IV’s, arrange your own blood transfusions, and defibrillate yourself. Why do you need to be transported to a hospital and then be charged for the ambulance ride?

You will have free access to Google BYOPS (Be Your Own Psychiatrist) for your mental health issues to manage your own electroconvulsive therapy, prescribe your own neuropsychopharmacology, and do your own cognitive behavioural therapy. Why shouldn’t you have the latest medical diagnoses? Hypochondriasis is very hip these days. Your friends have it, why shouldn’t you?

You will have free access to Google BYOS (Be Your Own Surgeon) at surgical kiosks when you need your own screening colonoscopy, or your own brain surgery to shunt extra fluid, or an acute appendectomy. These multispeciality kiosks will be able to perform hangnail surgery to baby delivery to complicated organ transplants. Just read the options carefully prior to the sedation since we cannot offer refunds for a service that is free. These kiosks will be conveniently located at all pharmacies, casinos, gas stations, and liquor stores. Eventually we will have a home unit for your convenience. There will be no charge for using the service. At the same sites we will have blood testing kiosks (who says you cannot check for a rare disease), diagnostic imaging kiosks for x-rays to MRI’s (who says you cannot have an MRI for a stubbed toe), and interventional radiology kiosks (for dealing with coiling of aneurysms).

THE NEW DEAL is all about empowering you, our voter!

Enjoy exceptional personalized healthcare.