This was Katey’s big chance!

Finally after years of managing the garbage of discarded Popsicle sticks then taping together the stand and then transporting the Popsicles from the corner store, she was in charge! But to really be in charge she needed puppets: people that could stand in front of the Popsicle stand that she could manipulate behind the scenes and they will step aside in times of glory or recognition and blame them when things went bad. Just like the previous CEO!

She chose Debbie to be in charge of the media spin, Ricky to be in charge of the Band-Aids from the splinters in the sticks, Bobbie to maintain the stand, and Charlie to collect the moolah.

She sold away part of the stand to the ice cream man who had real freezers that she thought she could borrow and lower her costs. But he wanted to charge her. She knew the Popsicles could not be kept cold so she let them melt and sold them as room temperature paletas for a higher price. So she sent Debbie out in the neighborhood to convince her customers that melted paletas were better than ice cold ice cream. And to appease the ice cream man she gave him a piece of her earnings. She gave everyone working for her a raise and everyone against her the media razzmatazz using alternative facts to paint them as pariahs.

Ricky had to shut up all the bleeding hearts. They wanted the sticks to be made safely, without splinters, and every time they got hurt they wanted a Band-Aid. What do you think? Band-Aids grow in Ontario?

Bobbie told her repeatedly that the stand was falling apart. “Use more duct tape and be quiet Bobbie”, she would say.

Charlie told her that she was losing moolah everyday. “I don’t care about that!” Katey didn’t listen. She would extract money from the bleeding hearts by charging for Band-Aids, raising the cost of refrigeration, take a fee when allowing the ice cold ice cream to be sold in the nearby grocery stores and compete against the ice cream man, and give all the really poor folk free melted paletas. The key was to concentrate on appearance more than substance.

How do you think she became CEO? Control the message!

It was better to use her old stock than buy new stock. It was better to spend more on advertising than actually investing on the Popsicle stand. She was untouchable. She could upset the customers for 3 years and then woo them all back in the last year before the next CEO vote.They had no long term memories and were easily managed.

Eventually she would have to remove the splinters and hand out Band-Aids. Eventually she would have to actually fix the Popsicle stand with wood and screws. Eventually the customers would realize melted paletas were just warm pop and were worth nothing. Eventually she would run out of money. But when the truth was known, she would be retired. She would be sitting on a golden Popsicle stand somewhere in the Bahamas. Laughing.

Oh this was Katey’s big chance to shine!