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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was the incumbent. He had spent considerable time playing gags, accepting injuries to make others laugh, and being truly entertaining. He was peppy, saucy, and venturesome. He and his girlfriend, Ortensia, were the darlings of the cartoon world. Even Felix the Cat was willing to allow Oswald to be the “leader”. He had done nothing wrong.

But the world was changing around him.

Mickey was an upstart. When he first came out he had no voice, unlike Oswald. He left his girlfriend Minnie at the dock in his second film, not as chivalrous as Oswald. He abused animals and made them play music against their will. Pete and Donald Duck challenged him often. It was debatable whether he would amount to anything.

But the world was changing around him.

Sometimes your skills and talents do not match the needs of your time. Sometimes what you offer is no longer appreciated. Sometimes being a leader requires you to step down and let others lead.

Oswald allowed Mickey to become the king of the cartoon world.

Was this the right thing to do?