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We have gone through so many true leaders in Health Care over the years. I look back fondly at how things have progressed…

Furious George was an “attack poodle” that started the Wait Times Strategy and Aging at Home. His plan was to help ensure that there was a reduction in the wait time to age in your own home. He reduced the time from 315 days to get home health care services to 309 days. Progress!

Heavy David the Smoker took over and ensured that Smart Systems were developed to spend health care dollars on everything but patients. Why would you spend it on patients? There was money for office renovations, Tic Tacs, and long liquid lunches. Heaven on earth!

Then then Mean Grandmother took over. Boy was she smart with her big Doctorate and big ideas! She was integral to ensuring that we had big flying ORANGE ambulances that paid big directors to stay home and not be listed on the sunshine list. Totally defensible!

But I saved the best for last: Rhodes Scholar. Order of Canada. A Saviour to children in Africa. A member of the brotherhood and sisterhood. Angry Red was the answer to all of our prayers! He wanted to be in charge of everything in the health care system. Why would you want anyone else to help when you can do everything on your own? He is auditing all doctors salaries, he is in charge of all home care services, he is in charge of disciplining all doctors, he is in charge of all office hours, all sick leave, and is able to look into every patient chart in the province. Wow, that guy is truly a hard worker. Too bad everyone is so jealous of his good looks and credentials.

I wonder how things could possibly improve given our awesome ranking on the OECD health care indices.