Image result for communist manifesto bookPREAMBLE. Five percent of our patient’s use over 50% of our health care dollars. Every year with patients being treated, immigrants and international refugees moving into our region, and more life saving treatments, this is leading to unacceptable increases in healthcare utilization of 5% per year. We need to lower costs by 5% every year.

MANIFESTO. Now that we have Medical Assistance in Dying and are able to cull the high users of the health care system, WE, the Liberalist Party, will improve the health care system by creating a policing system of doctors using the following principles:

  1. The Minister needs to read all patient’s charts to understand what patients and doctors are doing in those little rooms. It will take time but he is curious about how to actually practice medicine.
  2. The Minister needs to audit doctors’ hours, sick leave, washroom and meal breaks, and so on. If he finds doctors working less than 23hours/day, he will have to demoralize them.
  3. The Minister needs to investigate clinical care and performance standards of each and every doctor though our quasi –scientific organization “Health Quality”. Expensive patient care will be penalized.

COROLLARY. Now is the time to stop doctors from being in charge of patient’s health. Why would you want a system that empowers doctors, who listen to patients and are trained in empathy, to make the hard decisions about spending our limited health care dollars?

They are not economists!       

They are not healthcare managers!         

They are not us!