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The highly partisan, highly educated and highly sharp suited Minister complains to the media regarding the impasse in getting a deal with doctors in the province. “This is not a failure of government!” he screeches for all to hear.

The problem in the Minister’s estimation is that Doctors work too long hours, they help keep too many patients alive and well, they subsidize the health care system with their own money, they work more efficiently than any other doctor group in Canada, they hire too many people and invest in the economy, they actually talk to patients every day (his voters) and patients trust doctors, they continue to work AND fight the government instead of going on strike (which would really help the government’s cause), and they are united together against imperial intimidation.

The highly entitled, highly degreed, and highly decorated Minister cannot understand why the slightly less hard-working and slightly less educated professionals that used to be his colleagues just cannot accept the Pablum he is offering them. It’s nourishing and easy to digest. Who needs flavour?