For months now, doctors have been confused by OMA President Virginia Walley’s oscillating convictions. She started her term demanding binding arbitration, then allowed that to lapse in negotiations; she extolled a deal she deemed the best doctors could get, and now insists that they can do better. For those in the know, there’s a method to this madness. As insiders report, everything that has happened was part of her 3-step plan:

1) Convince the government she is on their side, pretending to sell the government’s most outrageous demands to her constituents.

2) Resoundingly lose a vote of confidence, as well as her negotiating team, legal counsel, and media consultants.

3) Tell the government what she wanted from the start – that a fair deal with binding arbitration isn’t optional.

While some may question her for bothering with steps 1 and 2, we should all be thankful that the government has fallen for her ruse. I look forward to them being bound by the favour Walley has accrued.