This afternoon, a brave young medical student raised a concern about established doctors belittling younger OMA members for their inexperience. His gripe is perfectly legitimate: no matter what side of this debate you fall on, our goal should be to persuade each other, not berate others into submission. Some medical students have read the tPSA and supporting documentation, and have come to informed conclusions no less valuable than those of doctors. Meanwhile, there are both students and doctors who pretend to understand everything about the topic because they read a 1-page summary from a clearly-biased party (on either side). The reality is that this debate invokes major medical, legal, economic, social, and political issues, which very few of us (students or doctors) spend the time really analyzing. So to bemoan any group for being inherently unaware is both unfair and untrue. And we should strive to build each other up, not tear each other down. But what do I know? Apparently, I shouldn’t have gotten into medical school.