In a move which will surely encourage solidarity within the medical community, Deputy Health Minister Bob Bell assured PARO that they would do away with discrimination against new doctors if they ratified the tentative PSA. The OMA is likely to be delighted by the government’s unilateral promise to bring residents to the negotiating table: at least there are some medical professionals they’re willing to listen to. For residents, who have called for leveling the playing field since the government rigged it earlier in its term, this was quite a victory. The government agreed to remove restrictions on new graduates, which they had previously introduced to cut costs. But if the tentative PSA is ratified, the cost problem would be solved by simply paying everyone less. For its part, the government was happy to find a solution that guaranteed equality cheaply: instead of having to bring residents’ salaries up to the level of senior doctors, the government will simply bring everyone else down to the level of residents.