For two years now, the OMA Board has been begging, suing, and negotiating with the government for a new deal for Ontario’s doctors. So when they reached a tentative agreement with the government last month, they were all set to get it rubber-stamped by the 1% of doctors who sit on the OMA Council. They had successfully represented the interests of doctors, and all without having to waste their constituents’ time with silly formalities like voting.

Sadly, it would not be quite so easy. Unbeknownst to anyone, doctors apparently have the right to decide for themselves whether to accept their new employment contract. They’ll now be forced to actually read the 6-page document and show up on August 14 to debate its merits. Who has time for that? Thankfully, the Board has taken the time to simplify this task by summarizing the complex document in 8 short, surely-unbiased lines of text on their website. We should all be grateful for their diligence and transparency.