After hearing countless heart-wrenching stories of overworked ophthalmologists, radiologists, and cardiologists, the government decided it was time to break the cycle of wealthy physicians going to work every day to help patients. To that end, in negotiating the new Physician Services Agreement, they generously offered to simply stop paying these physicians after they had done too much work – that way, for the last few months of every fiscal year, these over-achieving physicians would be forced to take a break. To their surprise, the OMA didn’t immediately embrace this proposal. It seems that some of these physicians actually found helping patients rewarding, and so wanted to keep working. Government officials didn’t know how to react. Said one MPP, currently on vacation, “Their reluctance to leave work is baffling. MPPs are meant to work for 24 weeks this year – I don’t know how we could do that without 28 weeks off!”