Patient bribing doctor putting money to pocketThis Tuesday, the OMA board triumphantly declared that they had forced the provincial government to accept a 2.5% annual “increase” in health-care costs. After 2 years of deadlocked negotiations, doctors were impressed at the dramatic turnaround. The government, for its part, was surprised at the simplicity of the solution. All it took was redefining what value they were increasing. The OMA was adamantly opposed to their initial proposal of a 9.5% real cut in doctor compensation per service provided (2.5% increase in pay – 3% increase in utilization – 2% inflation – 7% previous cuts). But then accountants on both sides had the brilliant idea of just ignoring the negative numbers. So utilization increases, inflation, and previous cuts were removed from the draft. The OMA could hardly refuse such a generous deal. As doctors – the most educated constituency in the country – we should be proud of finding such a clever solution.